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The luxurious qualities of silk bedding have been appreciated by the nobility of Japan and China for many centuries. These qualities are embodied in Galeria3 duvets, which are sourced from an innovative manufacturer working in collaboration with the University of Suzhou to produce the highest quality silk. The silkworms which produce the cocoons that the natural silk comes from are fed on mulberry leaves untouched by pesticides or other chemicals. Only the highest quality cocoons are selected, resulting in long, unbroken silk fibres. The entire process involved in creating these beautiful duvets is done by hand, without the use of chemicals or bleach at any time.

Our silk duvets are light and soft, with flexibility which enables them to conform to the body's contours, eliminating cold air pockets which can occur with heavy, bulky doonas. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, as it repels dust mites and does not retain moisture. Hence it is recommended for sufferers of asthma, hay-fever and other respiratory or allergic conditions. Silk is a natural, "breathable" material, warm in winter and cool in summer. The lightness of even the warmest duvets is appreciated by anyone with an arthritic or other painful condition. The duvets are made of sheets of silk floss, which are stretched by hand to the required size, and layered evenly in a criss - cross pattern. Each filament stretches from one side of the duvet to the other, so the entire structure is even and stable, and the filling will not bunch up or pull apart.

Recommended Care: To maintain the duvet in optimal condition it should be used inside a removable duvet cover for protection. Washing is not recommended, as it can alter the structure of the natural silk protein. If any cleaning is necessary, spot cleaning with a detergent suitable for wool or silk is suggested, or occasional dry cleaning. After every few weeks of continuous use it is recommended that the duvet be aired, without the cover, in mild sunshine for 1-2 hours.

sizes and weights available:

  • SINGLE - summer wgt 0.5 kg   210 x 145mm
  • SINGLE - medium wgt 0.7 kg   210 x 145mm
  • DOUBLE - summer wgt 0.6 kg   210 x 180mm
  • DOUBLE - medium wgt 0.8 kg   210 x 180mm
  • QUEEN - summer wgt 0.7 kg   210 x 210mm
  • QUEEN - medium wgt 1 kg   210 x 210mm
  • KING - summer wgt 1 kg   210 x 240mm
  • KING - medium wgt 1.3 kg   210 x 240mm
  • SUPER KING - summer wgt 1.2 kg   240 x 270mm
  • SUPER KING - medium wgt 1.5 kg   240 x 270mm


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